For the said conference, the delegates had applied before the beginning of the Summer School. Interested applicants had submitted an abstract based on which preliminary selections were made. Following that, research paper of each of the delegates were subjected to review by the residential faculties and once approved, they were selected for presenting the paper in the Conference.
There were a total of three themes for the Conference and for each theme there were 1 to 3 selected papers adding up to 6 papers presented during the day.
The themes of the Conference were Problems and Solutions”: Connectivity – South Asia and China, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law. The Conference was chaired by Prof. Yubaraj and the presenters were:
⦁ Ms. Fatema Noor Jasia : India and China’s Scramble for Bangladesh
⦁ Ms. Ojaswi K.C.: Regional Community Framework for the Disaster Risk Management in the Asia Pacific Region
⦁ Mr. Anurag Sarthi : Climate Change and its Implications on Water as a Resource
⦁ Ms. Ferdoushi Begum : Transboundary Water Agreements in the Era of Climate Change: A Preliminary Study of South Asian Region
⦁ Ms. Puja Mitra : Human Rights Violation of Transgender People: A Critical Analysis on Bangladesh Perspective
⦁ Mr. Mohammad Mamunur Rashid : Identity Crisis of Rohingya in Myanmar: Conceptual Proposal for Settlement 

See from Top Left: Ms. Ojaswi K.C., Mr. Anurag Sarthi, Ms. Ferdoushi Begum, Mr. Mamunur Rashid, Ms. Puja Mitra, Ms. Fateema Noor Jasia