The Kathmandu Dialogue, is an International Summer School and as the name suggests, it is a
platform to hold dialogues on various themes. The main objective of the program was to provide,
the new generation, an opportunity to address, understand and resolve the problems they encounter
between their respective nations and to brainstorm on possible solutions and cooperative measures
each can take for betterment of the entire region. Kathmandu Dialogue aimes to foster the feeling
of connectivity among the young legal scholars.

  1. An international forum to interact and learn
  2. Focus on holistic learning apart from narrow themes
  3. Field visit and interaction with local communities


To provide a meaningful platform for students, to make themselves genuinely qualified to represent themselves in National, Regional and International programs and to develop interest to represent their country in the days to come. 

Our vision is to nurture a feeling of mutual cooperation among the students of diverse culture, background, stream and nation.

What to expect?

  1. Pristine environment
  2. Learned resource persons
  3. Crucible of different cultures

Our Alumni

More than 80 Alumni not only around south Asia but also around the globe in two years.

Program Modality

What separates this program from the various residential schools is its relaxed and diverse modality. The Kathmandu Dialogue encompasses maximum interactive sessions and provides students an opportunity to bond and truly engage in the issues provided.

Program Venue

Lap of Himalayas Ideal for nature lovers away from the crowded cities